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Welcome To Utica Communications CB radios. The original Utica Communications Corp. of Chicago, Ill is long out of business. They originally started out in business as Magnolia Electronics Inc., based in Utica ILL.  Utica fell to the same fate as the other great CB manufactures in the U.S., the Japanese and the solid state radio. But as collectors we search for and love these old tube radios.
In the early 1960's Utica made one of the most popular radios in the CB market. With their chrome cases and easy operation is is no wonder they were so popular and sought after. So come on in and look around. I will show you my collection of Utica Radios and other pictures from other collectors. WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF RETRO-UTICA

This page was last updated on: February 18, 2015
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The founder and President of the Utica Communications Corporation was Edward Chubin, who still lives in the Chicago area. Along with his two sons Wayne, who no lives is California, and Denny residing in the Chicagoland area also,  Ed produced one of the best CB radios ever manufactured. These radios had that great, "Well Made" look with their crome cabinet. they could handle almost any abuse.  They were easy to work on for repairs and sounded great over the air.  "When your looking for the best, "Man, this is the place." Plus this family also priced them fairly. Advanced design techniques enabled Utica to produce a compact, effiicient transceiver with built-in rugged depependabilty.  One Tech told me last week that he has had a MC27 for over 40 years and it still is working, without any repairs. Now that is "DEPENDABILITY!"  With all the Utica radios I have come across and now own, I find most still power up unless someone has tried to "peak-them-up." Thank you Edward Chubin and sons for a great radio and now for a great Retro-Utica Radio .
We give credit and acknowledgement To the founder and President Edward Chubin and his sons, Wayne and Dennis.  Unfortunately Utica had its factory "OUT OF BUSINESS " sale in December 1966 at its Belmont Ave. plant.  THANKS GUYS AND THAT IS THE REASON FOR THIS SITE.  We hope you enjoy Retro-Utica CB.
Since I could find no sites on the internet about Utica I decided, why not?  I've got the radios, the techs have the repair capability, what more do we need?  Of course we need  knowledge about the company.  I picked that up little by little from people who previouly worked for the company, or knew something about it, and  from Ed Chubin himself.. I am always looking for more information to completely tell the Utica history. 
So feel free to e-mail me if you have any information you would like to share, any Utica adds or fliers with Utica information. Or any thing else you think is relevant to this Utica site.  We are always looking for any Utica radios or products whether working or not. Any pictures from trade shows or old CB recordings with or without the call numbers on it. Got any pictures of your Uticas, we will be glad to post them here.  thanks David
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My name is David and I grew up with my dad having a Utica T&C2. He used to let me talk on it and I grew to love that radio. We also had many other radios such as Lafayette, Heathkit, and of course Brownings. I like the Utica the best. We had it for such a long time that it caught fire and smoked up the house pretty good. Mom wasn't to impressed. My dad then moved onto BIGGER RADIOS (Brownings) I sure missed that Utica. Now today I am grown up and I search the country for Utica products.
This site is constantly being updated because I keep buying more Utica radios. Plus I like to share information I find out about the Utica radios, such as where they might be some available, parts or how to wire a new power cord. Since the original cords are hard to come by. 

Thanks Retro-Dave
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